Monday, April 11, 2011

Not Losing Weight

Do you believe that too much intake of food, being lazy and lack of exercises are the roots behind why some overweight person failed to lose their weight?

There are factors proves that this questions is not the main reason why weight lose is impossible to achieve.

* Overweight persons never think the risk of it on their health. some considered that losing weight will give them a good looking body, which should not the main reason. It is being record yearly that a lot of people causes death due to becoming overweight for a long period of time. It is guaranteed an increase on your life span if you keep yourself away from having body fats. A great motivator you should have in keeping off fats from your body is knowing its bad effects on your health.

* People temporarily commits themselves on changing their life style. They take diet plans but not permanently practiced them. If a person is under diet, some foods are strictly chosen wherein some of the foods you usually eat before would be limited or must be avoided. This may lead for them a miserable life later that weakens their motivation to control weight because of unwanted demands when dieting. In order for you to have a long term success on losing weight, you must fully accept sincerely that you really want to change your lifestyle in a healthy way that you will maintain for a long period of time permanently.

* Most persons are confused on what facts must be followed to lose weight. Lots of information's today are commonly found on different sources like through Internet, health magazines, newspapers, articles or blogs, that affects their decision making in losing weight. This gives confusion to them that is why some people failed to lose weight.

*Majority of the persons disregards their food consumption everyday. They don't mind if how much the amount of food they are eating because of too much focus on the food itself. They don't even check the calories behind each foods that is why they consumed excessive amount of fats on their body.

Advance Tips On How To Lose Weight

How Many Calories To Lose Weight Per Day

Have you ever think how much calories you should take or not to reduce your weight? It is good to know first the amount of calories you are going to consume everyday before engaging yourself in different fat burning activities just to see the best results.

In order for you to point out how long will it takes you to reduce your weight, try to record your daily calorie intake and how much you burn calories then compute it. This guides you for your effective weight lose. Do you know that calorie is a unit for measuring the energy produced by food when oxidized in the body? This means that the amount of energy in you body depends on how calories into your body for a long time, it will be converted as your body fats because you are lazy to move your body that makes you spend less energy to burn it. It is important for you to know that  more than one half of calorie consumption goes to different paces of calorie burning that turns into energy. Half of it went to the circulation of blood and respiration while the remaining half goes to the light activities of the body

You should remember this fact that every time you consume calories of 3500 as an excess to your body, an additional 1 pound is being added to your weight. Also, if you burned a 3500 calories meaning that your losing a weight amounting to 1 pound. Furthermore, if you want to keep your weight steady, then motivate your body to burn just the correct amount of calories you are consuming each day.

The everyday calorie requirement of a person depends on the age. For example, if your age is 27 years old then it means that your body increases its birth to mid adulthood ranging at the age of 20-39 is the age where our body improves its strong request in consuming calories. While a person that aged 40 and above decreases its calorie demand on the body because of getting older and also the body's metabolism is becoming weaker, the hormone and body fats changes. Push yourself to become active to increase your energy and cope up with this problems. Other thing is depending on the gender. Man is more active and strong than the ladies because of level differences in the mass of the muscle where man is greater in losing weight faster. That is why the ladies should doubled their activeness regarding calorie burning. Also depending on the size of the body. Overweight person losses body weight faster compared to the slim one because they gain greater weight to lose.

If you are really serious in losing weight, then increase your activity level together with a decrease on your calorie intake. This proves that you are concentrating on your goal. Losing 500 calories equals 1 pound loss in one week but avoid to consume less than 1200 of it daily so that it will not affect the normal functioning of your body.

Advance Tips On How To Lose Weight